SS2: Greer Grabs Lead; Wright Loses Time; Gass Overshoots

Jonny Greer and Darragh Mullen have moved into the lead after stage two of the Orchard Motorsport Kirkistown Stages. The rain eased off and despite admitting to being a “bit messy and sideways in places”, Greer’s time was enough to promote him to the top of the order by some 7.3 seconds from Stephen Wright.

Early leader Wright lost almost nine seconds to Greer after he got stuck behind another car for a full lap. The number one seed wasn’t best pleased at the finish with the frustration clearly showing after he set only the sixth fastest time.

Meanwhile, Philip Allen and Emily Turkington continue to hold third from fourth-placed Darren Gass and Mark McMillan who had an eventful test. They overshot a chicane, forcing them to drive over some trackside tyres. “It was hard to see into it,” Gass smiled. His Citroen was sporting some minor cosmetic damage at the stage finish but little time was lost.

In fifth, Derek McGarrity and Graham Henderson had to go the long way around a corner after another crew clipped some trackside tyres, pulling them out onto the racing line. Sixth-placed Aaron McLaughlin really enjoyed the stage “now that I know where I’m going”, and Kenny McKinstry was a little bit concerned about smoke emanating from his car.

His daughter, Emma, reported no dramas after a minor off-road excursion this morning and Joe McGonigle was another driver who lost time behind another competing crew.

Mark Massey reported another little moment at the same chicane where Darren Gass had an overshoot and Alan Carmichael lost time when he stalled at the start line. But at least he had the right tyres on his Subaru this time!

Cal McCarthy is loving his new Citroen. “It’s a fantastic car. It’s so easy to drive. I’m loving it!” Meanwhile, Kieron Graffin was much happier after his earlier misted windscreen woes. He was able to see where he was going on stage two!

Chris McGurk had a steady run after a couple of spins on stage one and Michael McGarrity was pleased with the improvement of his pace through stage two.

In the two-wheel-drive category, Andrew White and Paul Hughes continue to lead from James and Heather Kennedy who hit a bale on stage two. Their Escort was sporting some minor rear-end damage at the finish.

Alexander Cochrane was happier after an off-road excursion on stage one while Colin Price is recovering from a stage one puncture. He gave a beaming smile when asked what he thought about his new Starlet. “It’s a class car…lethal!”

Crews are now in service before the start of stage three. Latest results are available from

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