Mourne Rally News After SS4

After stage 4, Derek McGarrity has extended his lead to more than 30 seconds from Damian Toner. The rally leader switched to harder tyres for the second loop which seemed to work well.

Toner had another steady run and continues to hold second with David Armstrong and Paul Mulholland in third. Camillus Bradley is up to fourth having sorted his engine troubles which transpired to be a pipe that had come adrift.

Alan Nesbitt is fifth while John Devlin completes the top six ahead of Paul Britton’s Subaru.

A few crews failed to reach the end of the stage. They include Kyle White, Jamie Grant, Ryan O’Kane and Daniel Hamill. All are OK.

White stopped with a sensor problem. He has fixed the problem and is going to try to get back out again. Hamill is reportedly stopped with a suspected broken shaft.

Ian Green, commenting about his earlier spins, said: “When you’re going backwards in fourth gear – twice – and you get away with it, you know you’re lucky!”

Mervyn Tate change a coil in his Sunbeam but is still suffering with a misfire. Meanwhile, first-time navigator, Donna Feehan, is sitting with her father and reckons she might be sick!

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